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7/13/2017 BFC is Pleased to Announce our association with Kathryn T. Love, Attorney
4/10/2017 Congratulations to our TOP Lawyers
Law Updates
11/25/2015Maritime and Longshore Decisions of Note

Maritime and Longshore Decisions of Note

Alexander v. Express Energy. USCA 5th Circuit, No. 14-30488, May 7, 2015. 

An offshore platform P&A worker is not a Jones Act seaman merely because a substantial number of his jobs involved the use of lift boats.[READ MORE]

11/1/2015 The Longshore PageTM - Recent BRB & Fifth Circuit Decisions of Interest
  The Longshore PageTM is presented as a recent development information service to the Clients of Briney Foret Corry, LLP and other Longshore practitioners. Attorney Chris Zaunbrecher is responsible for its content.  Zaunbrecher practices in the areas of labor and employment law including Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act claims and Wage & Hour matters.

9/1/2015 September 2015 Law Update
Courtesy of Louisiana Association of Defense Newsletter, September 2015.


Where the plaintiff alleged the tortious conduct of defendant caused her injuries, but the petition specifically alleged negligence and did not mention the word "intentional,” the plaintiff is not precluded from recovery under a theory of intentional tort because...[READ MORE]
8/1/2015 August 2015 Law Update

Case summaries courtesy of Frank Maraist, La. Civil Law and Procedure Newsletter, July 31, 2015 edition


A judgment that disposes only of the issue of whether an employee was in the course and scope of his employment at the time of the accident but does not dispose of...[READ MORE]

7/1/2015 July 2015 Law Update

U.S. Fifth Circuit affirms dismissal of all claims against Lafayette Police Department by fifteen former officers and approves award of over $108,000 to the City of Lafayette, represented by Michael Corry, Patrick Briney, and Hallie Coreil, all of the law firm Briney Foret Corry, LLP.…[READ MORE]

6/1/2015 June 2015 Law Update

Case summaries courtesy of Frank Maraist, La. Civil Law and Procedure Newsletter, May 28, 2015 edition


The plaintiff filed suit and served the defendant; after service, the plaintiff moved for and obtained a preliminary default. Thereafter, a letter from the defendant denying the claims was filed into the record a...[READ MORE]



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